Built-In Aerator

Toast to a better taste. The expertly crafted venturi passageway allows for an ideal amount of aeration for a better wine drinking experience. The D’Vine aerates your wine up to the moment it reaches your palate. This will allow you to experience more complex tones and aromas with your wine of choice.

Wide Mouth Straw

Goodbye wine stains. By design, the beveled opening allows wine to enter behind your teeth to prevent mouth discoloration, enamel wear, and lipstick stains on glassware. Not only does the D’Vine Wine Straw save your teeth from unsightly stains, it also protects them by reducing the risk of tooth damage and enamel decay caused by the acidity in red and white wines.

No Tilt Design

The patented D’Vine Wine Straw has an intake on the underside of the straw, which eliminates the need for glass tilting.

Eco-Friendly, BPA-Free Plastic

The D’Vine Wine Straw is made with nontoxic, BPA-free plastic to guarantee safety and convenience. It is an eco-friendly alternative to disposable straws and teeth wipes, is easy to clean, and is reusable.


Included with each D’Vine is a stylish lucite carrying case so your straw can conveniently travel with you. Also included is an even smaller pouch that fits easily in a clutch or pocket. Appealing in both social settings and on the move, the D’Vine Wine Straw is the ultimate wine accessory for outings and events. The D’Vine can go where you go and be ready when you are, whether at a Five Star or Wine Bar.

Easy To Maintain

The D’Vine Wine Straw is easy to clean and is always ready for any occasion.  Simply clean with soap and water and is also dishwasher safe.

Great With Coffee And Other Beverages

Designed for wine, but also works well with any beverage such as coffee, beer, specialty drinks, fruit drinks and carbonated beverages. Be cautious when using with hot beverages.

Lifetime Warranty

Every D'Vine Wine Straw comes with a lifetime warranty.  If for any reason, including running over it with your car, return to us.  We will recycle, replace and return to you for the cost of Shipping and Handling.

Your friends at D’Vine! encourage you to drink responsibly.